Familie Oudendijk


Branching out

Living in two different cultures and dealing with how to communicate, we still find away to share our history. Questioning where we land and how we land is a journey to discover ourselves.Choosing pathways from our different international experience are rooted together from the bottom of the tree.With experience and time,we grew out from the inner circle, expanding and gaining an understanding of the outside world. Figuring out the unanswered questions kept us overwhelming with discoveries,covering up the struggles that each of us faced, branching out for help, and still being able to blossom.

Three siblings (Bo, Nie, and Zowi) are multicultural performers, working on a dance concept expressing the deep connections that bind us. We have lived with two identities between Japan and TheNetherlands. Each of us is free, open, and diverse, which allows us to express our connection through dance—revealing the process of what it means to exchange senses and grow out of a tree, finding the core of what is happening in us and around us.

Familie Oudendijk

Op pad met Redo - 4 oktober

Bo, Nie en Zowi werden geinterviewd door Redo. Ze gingen samen in gesprek hoe zij dansthuis.nl ervaren. Benieuwd naar het eindresultaat? Kijk mee op zondag 4 oktober om 19:00 naar de première van dansthuis.nl 


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